LoveYouEnough teaches you four questions you can ask yourself when experiencing stress, fear, anxiety, anger… anything that you see as a challenge. Self inquiry helps you to see yourself and your world from an entirely different perspective.

Inquiry allows you to let go of the painful stories of the past to bring peace and freedom into the present. Understanding that every “problem” is actually not a problem, but a gift. Even experiencing feelings of openness and love in your heart to forgive what you once saw as “unforgivable”.

LoveYouEnough offers one-on-one coaching, couples and relationship coaching, families and group sessions. Sessions may include questioning thoughts about yourself, your partner, your parents, your children, your siblings, your extended family, your body, your health, your personal finances, your church and communities. Couples and relationship coaching is done in an loving and honest way that allows both individuals to speak from their heart and gain understanding of the others experience.

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Business Coaching

Many studies have shown the benefits of reducing stress among employees in the workforce. Wellness programs are playing a big part in large and small businesses to help improve productivity, improve recruitment and retention, to help build and sustain high employee morale, improve employee health behaviors, reduce elevated health risks, and reduce health care costs. Both employees and employers alike will benefit from the clarity and stress reduction that self inquiry brings.

Options for businesses include presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. To learn more about the benefits of using self inquiry within your business contact Erin at