About Erin



Erin Smith is a personal coach and facilitator for The Work; certified through Clarity Coaching Institute. Spending 7 years in the hair industry and 13 years in the fitness industry, she has now found what she believes as her most rewarding experience thus far.

Through her facilitations and coaching sessions she has helped many individuals gain peace surrounding parenting, self-acceptance, relationships, painful past experiences and more. Each time Erin facilitates she learns more about herself, has more gratitude, honor, love and respect for all humanity… “we are all in this together”!

In her quest to find peace within [ what she then thought was chaos]  of her own life, she stumbled upon the book “Loving What Is”, by Byron Katie. By applying the principles she learned from “The Work” and through her certification with The Clarity Coaching Institute, she has found inner peace, freedom from her stressful thoughts, continued clarity, forgiveness, love and happiness. She wants to spread the joy that she has found through self-inquiry with others in their own journey to find peace and happiness.




“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it”. 

—Eckhart Tolle